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“Getting Back To Our Roots”

Underscoring the significance of the watershed is crucial, as its condition serves as a direct reflection of the well-being of the surrounding ecosystems, encompassing both urban and rural environments.
The Metro Iloilo Water District shares a notable history with the Maasin Watershed, acting as the primary source of raw surface water for water consumers in Iloilo City and its adjacent areas, particularly Maasin, Cabatuan, and Sta Barbara.

In a renewed effort, the management and staff revisited the Maasin Watershed on December 4, 2023, aiming not only to plant additional trees but also to inspect and survey the trees previously planted earlier in the year.

Regrettably, there was a disappointing outcome as only a minimal number of the 400 seedlings planted in September managed to survive. On that day, MIWD planted an additional 200 seedlings, with intentions to return for a future visit to reassess and enhance the seedlings’ chances of survival.

Within the realm of environmentalism, a growing movement emphasizes “tree growing” over mere tree planting. This approach involves monitoring and applying environmental sciences to assist forested areas, such as watersheds, in replenishing their denuded trees. It includes selecting the right vegetation, strategically identifying optimal planting locations, implementing slope protection, minimizing erosion, and fencing off newly planted seedlings to discourage local animals from feeding on them.