Is ProtonVPN Safe?

If you’re searching for a VPN with really strong protection protocols, a lot of servers and a solid no-logs policy, look no further. ProtonVPN likewise provides a few extra features just like Secure Key servers (double VPN routing), NetShield (an ad/tracking blocker) and perfect forward secrecy (changes the encryption primary after each session).

In case you have any issues with the company, the first place to visit is the knowledge center. Here, you’ll locate answers to prevalent problems, including slow down load speeds and setup problems. You can also submit a support ticket, which will be responded to via email. Paid users can expect a reply within a few hours, when free users will probably need to wait much longer.

One thing that sets ProtonVPN apart from almost all of its rivals is its advanced divided tunneling feature, that allows you to encrypt specific programs or exclude certain websites from heading through the VPN. It is very also among the only providers with a get rid of switch that reliably ends your internet connection if the VPN is shut off for any rationale.

ProtonVPN’s visibility reports are a great sign of its commitment to keeping user info private. Additionally , the company is located in Switzerland, containing some of the most rigid info privacy regulations in the world. Is also committed to third-party security audits to assure its products happen to be secure and trustworthy. The truth that all of it is apps happen to be open source simply adds to the comfort you’ll acquire while using that.