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MIWD with JBLFMU donates Rainwater Catchment plus Food Packs: Trapiche Oton and Sooc Arevalo

January 17, 2022—MIWD, JBLFMU, MIB, local organizations continue donation drive of rainwater catchments, distributes of large water drums and food packs to residents and Barangays halls in Oton and Arevalo.
Continuing on with the previous week’s community relief efforts that began in Sto Nino Arevalo, management and staff from the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University, Metro Iloilo Water District, local communities in Trapiche, Oton and Sooc, Arevalo, as well as Metro Iloilo Bulk Water Supply Corporation once more distributed rainwater catchment units, this time to recipient families of Brgy, Trapiche Oton and Brgy. Sooc, Arevalo
The distribution activities began with a MOA signing from key representatives of the involved organizations, with Dr. Ronald Raymond Sebastian representing JBLCFMU, OIC- General Manager Amarylis Josephine Castro representing the MIWD, and Punong Barangay Cezar Espinosa for Sto Nino Sur, Arevalo and Punong Barangay Jorge Medioda for Brgy Trapiche, Oton.
The distributed rainwater catchment units—which are designed to be put together and assembled in the recipient’s household, and the included large water drum can hold up to 200 liters of water and will be invaluable for storing water for emergency use during dry spells.
The rainwater catchment units were designed by the MIWD in partnership with the MIB as part of their climate-change mitigation initiatives. Barangays halls of Brgy. Trapiche, Oton and Brgy Sooc, Arevalo were also given rainwater catchment units but were fitted with ten large water drums each.
Aside from the rainwater catchment units, food packs were also distributed to recipient families from both barangays, with a total of 35 food packs turned over to Brgy Sooc and 25 for those in Brgy Trapiche.
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