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MPIW holds Public Scoping for its stakeholders for its Major Pipeline Rehab Projects

September 28, 2021—the Metro Iloilo Pacific Water—MIWD’s JV partner primarily in charge of water distribution—held a Public Scoping conference/meeting among its stakeholders and LGUs at the Richmonde Hotel.

The Public Scoping is part of the requirements of the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) that MPIW is applying for, for the proposed Pipeline Rehabilitation and Expansion Project of MPIW. The rehab project will be one of–or perhaps its biggest yet–of its pipeline rehabilitation project it will be undertaking in the next 25 years.

The presence of many stakeholders in the public scoping will allow the public an overview of the proposed expansion project, to gather issues, concerns and other relevant information needed for the project’s scope of work.

Among the attendees are representatives from the various LGUs stakeholders previously mentioned, which included officials, MENROs and various related commitee members. Officials from the City and Provincial Government, as well as representatives from Metro Pacific Investments Corp in Manila were also able to attend and participate via Zoom teleconference patch-in.

After the presentations given by the MPIW and the DENR, the floor was open for a public Q&A, participated by the attendees both in-person and via Zoom. Many issues were raised, and all were promptly answered by the panel of MPIW Officers, namely Engr. Ben Manosca, the COO of MPIW and Mr. John Canonero, MPIW Commercial Division Head and Mr. Jerry Guillergan, OIC MPIW Engineering Department. MIWD OIC General Manager Amarylis Castro was also part of the panel and also answered many queries, particulary those concerning the environmental impact of such a long term project.

The MPIWD’s long term rehabilitation project–when it takes off–will consist of 90 kilometers of transmission lines and 2,000 kilometers of distribution lines for the City of Iloilo and the municipalities of Cabatuan, Leganes, maasin, Oton, Pavia, San Miguel and Santa Barbara.

The rehabilitation project are necessary and urgent concern that both the MPIW and MIWD are tackling with in order to address a myriad of concerns for their concessionaires, which include increasing minimum water pressure for each household, replacement of dilapidated pipes, location and sustainably tapping of viable water sources, and decrease of non-revenue water, or unconrolled water loss.

Physically attending on behalf of MIWD are MIWD OIC General Manager Amarylis Josephine Castro, OIC for Engineering Department and Water Distribution and NRW Management Divisions Engr. Erneesto Suplido and Public Information Officer Rizandro Napone.