Water Bill FAQs

What are the causes of high consumption?
There’s a leak in your water line or plumbing fixtures.
Frequent flushing of toilet fixtures
During occasions in the family, such as fiestas, wake of dead household member, birthdays, etc.

What are the reasons why I am charged for an average consumption rate?
No reading due to buried water meter
Blurred water meter
Water meter cannot be located

What happens if I have made an over-payment?
This is usually credited to your next bill.

What is the billing schedule?
MIW sets a reading date, due date and disconnection date every month for every zone (group of consumers in an area). Consumers are advised to refer to their due dates indicated in the bill.

How often is the billing?
MIW consumers are billed every month based on the approved tariff.

Do I need to receive my bill to make any payment or for MIW not to disconnect my service connection?
Failure or refusal to receive the bill is not a valid ground for non-payment and non-disconnection of a service connection.