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Wetlands Cleanup and Tree Planting 2024 @ Hinactacan

February 8, 2024 — The wetlands of the world are in dire need ot saving, and every year, the World Wetlands Day reminds us of the importance of the conservation of our our local wetlands.

Wetlands are areas of land where water covers the soil, either seasonally or permanently. Wetlands can be found in diverse environments, including marshes, swamps, bogs, and mangrove forests.

The Board of Directors (as represented by Board Member Ms Jeanette Lloyd) and the staff of the Metro Iloilo Water District set out to conduct a coastal cleanup together with a tree planting activity at the Hinactacan Eco-Park in Lapaz, together with staff and members of the Iloilo City Environment & Natural Resources Office headed on the field by Mr. Edgardo Gatin, as well as assistance from the staff from the Hinactacan LBU sent in by Brgy. Capt. Danny Villanueva.

Wetlands are essential to maintaining balance in our local ecosystem, as they serve multiple funcions, chief among them is as a natural water purification system: wetlands act as natural filters, trapping sediment and pollutants from runoff and surface water. They help improve water quality by removing excess nutrients, heavy metals, and other contaminants, protecting downstream ecosystems and ultimately, the seas where all water drains off to.

They also act as shoreline and flood protetion, absorbing and regulating excessive water during periods of heavy rainfall, and serve as buffers against coastal erosion by absorbing wave energy and stabilizing shorelines.

Through the mangrove plants that grow specifically in the wetlands, the wetlands itself help reduce climate change by trapping excess carbon from the air, and also provide sanctuary to essential animals and plants, promoting a healthy biodiversity in our ecosystem.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated annually every second of February.