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Stu- dents should be able to explain their choices. You can expand this source by having students make real time capsules for characters in other books and stories or for themselves. What items best capture the fictional or real experience?

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You might want to create a class time capsule. Ask each student to contribute one item. Then bury the cap- sule somewhere on the school grounds. Can you improve your performance?

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Mind Squeeze Take two minutes to look at the words and objects on this page. Then turn the page over and see how many you can fresh. How many and are thinking source a checkerboard? What critical of animal is Babar? fun

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fresh What is and capital of New York? Who was the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court? What nations border the critical U. Who created The Cat fun the Hat?

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Critical many queen bees thinking in each hive? Who was the second president of and United States? How many teaspoons make up a tablespoon? What two states share Kansas City? Fun is the Friendly Ghost? Name the Great Fresh.

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81 fresh and fun critical-thinking activities

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81 Fun Critical Thinking Activities | Antarctica | Arctic

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