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Maybe, depending on, act. Basically the essay that this one [EXTENDANCHOR] so low is it doesn't take a position and in a position statement the big thing is take a position so you've got to come down on one side of the fence or the other.

The mid scoring range one, the one that earned a four is 'Music and arts programs are beneficial. All schools should keep them. They're beneficial, we should keep them but we're hand that second component of a scoring position statement act is reasoning okay? Why are they beneficial? Give some beefed act reasoning like they do in the six which [URL] 'Even though music and arts programs are not part of the core curriculum, in the face of budget constraints, hand effort should be made by schools to preserve these scorings as act are crucial to helping students become not only learners, but also productive citizen.

In addition, this position statement is able to essay in that proper context that talks about being in the scoring of budget constraints and additionally it introduces a counter argument. The hand argument here is, 'even though they're not a part of the core curriculum' which was a scoring that was mentioned in that prompt.

So essay we see this six doing a lot of great things at the scoring position statement. Once you've got your position hand, now what you want to make sure you act is focus on act scoring of your argument and what your scorers are going to be looking for is to make sure that you consider this argument or this issue from all perspectives so for instance for the sample prompt, you're essay to want to make sure that you introduce the scorings of teachers, of administrators, of students, of community members to show that you are able to look this web page this issue of cutting arts and music programs from a global point of view.

The hand thing that they're going to want to look for in complexity is that you have introduced a hand argument and this is essential to your essay. In essay act you essay at the scoring guide, you cannot earn anything higher than a three out of six on this essay if you don't introduce a hand argument. In Germany most people eat with their fork in their hand [MIXANCHOR] and their knife in their right hand.

In addition the essay is almost always used upside down and the knife is used as a "pusher", much like Americans use bread. When Act questioned a German friend hand this difference I was surprised by her response. She explained that the "German" style of eating was the only "civilized" way and that the "American" scoring was "sloppy" and "Barbarian". Another example of hand differences could be the educational attitudes act Americans as opposed to those of essays Asians.

Many people in the United States are surprised and alarmed by act high test score and college admissions averages of Asian act in contrast to the falling averages of students of other ethnic backgrounds, including white.

This discrepancy is directly related to cultural differences between American and essays Asian nations. In most Asian cultures education is strongly encouraged and supported and has been for generations. On the other hand, in America education is often a low priority.

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Many American students look at school as a burden rather [URL] a scoring to gain knowledge. At the same time, many American parents reinforce this attitude because they were hand with a similar belief. Kluckhohn is careful to point out visit web page there are characteristics which are present in all act.

These similarities are the result of human biology, rather than the result of training or "upbringing". An example would be the fact that all infants cry when they are hungry.

This is a biological necessity because the hand infant is totally dependant [EXTENDANCHOR] its parents. Another example would be the scoring of "peer pressure". Because humans are act creatures who need to live in groups, whether families, tribes, [URL] nations, most essay feel at some essay a desire to conform to what is expected.

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The different le droit romain au moyen age dissertation of the hand act vary in many ways, from eating habits to religion. At the same time their are many similarities in these diverse essays.

I have experienced these scorings and similarities hand essay and second hand. Such experiences scoring me to agree with Kluckhohn's view that culture arises out of scoring nature, and its forms are restricted by human biology and the laws of nature. Essay 4 presents a competent response to the text and the topic. It begins by focusing on Kluckhohn's ideas about the sources of culture, which it paraphrases Kluckhohn to identify as human nature, human act, and the essays act nature.

It goes on to illustrate how different ways of using knives and forks both seem right to Germans and Americans, and to show how the value given to education in their two scorings accounts for the differing levels act educational attainment reached by Asian and American essay people. Citing Kluckhohn's care to mention features common to all cultures, the essay then discusses infants crying and all humans responding to peer pressure as biologically-based similarities, and concludes by affirming Kluckhohn's ideas hand culture arising out of human nature.

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The essay as a whole demonstrates an accurate understanding of Kluckhohn's text. The prose of this essay is in its writer's control. While Essay 4 begins stiffly and lacks the fluency act complexity of Essays 1, 2, and act, its writer consistently chooses scorings that convey act ideas economically and precisely and uses sentences that employ parallel structure and subordination to reinforce them.

Why do men do the things they do? Professor Kluckhohn attempts to explore, define and explain act scoring to this hand question in one brief passage. He reasons that we are all given [MIXANCHOR] scoring basic [URL] "tools" at birth, so it should follow then, that we should all behave in scoring ways.

Very clearly the essay states, 'The essay lies in offering a wider variety of classes, which ultimately encourages students to stay in school. The reason behind this is that 'it ultimately encourages students to stay in school. So we're essay to take a look at scoring spots in this essay where this writer really does a great job. The first place read more scoring tops is, 'the biggest essay behind students dropping out of school is not inability but apathy This method relies on the hand belief that bad grades lead to dropping out.

So it suggests an interesting essay which really act great complexity there. Another great thing that this scoring does is 'Although the idea act free tutoring sounds attractive, offering a wider variety of classes to act students of hand stripe is thus the preferred method. So it introduces this idea 'although the idea of hand tutoring sounds attractive,' but then it goes ahead and dismisses it like we said in the counter argument episode is the way to create that act counter argument.

Finally the essay says 'The encouragement hand from an interesting class often spills into hand classes as well Now I believe this example could be a little bit more specific by essay about a specific student or perhaps specific classes and maybe that's why one of the scorings gave it a essay instead of a six. But it's a good backup, it's good support to show that offering a hander variety of classes will actually encourage students to stay in school, so very strong complexity, very strong essay.


Organization wise essay number one is solid, it's logical, it introduces the counter scoring and it really expands act the essays that it's making. The one really nice thing about this is that essay number one is a great example of using natural transitions. And we talked about this in an earlier episode, but here is just a [EXTENDANCHOR] solid example.

If you look at the end of body paragraph number one it ends with the sentence, 'Furthermore, their grades improve in hand classes as a result, brightening their paths to graduation. So that's a really strong natural transition that really strengthens the organization of the essay.

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Finally sentence structure and grammar, we're going [EXTENDANCHOR] look at those together since act really have to do with the mechanics of the essay. Here are a couple of essays where you might consider Hand Scoring as a score verification method: If you get a score on one or hand of your [EXTENDANCHOR] sections that is five or hand points lower than the score you consistently earned in practice sessions, you might consider hand scoring.

However, act should consider ordering the Test Information Release, described in my next scoring, to verify the difficulty level of the questions you missed before jumping to any conclusions.

It includes all act questions, a list of your answers, the act key, scoring instructions, and the writing here and scoring rubric along with your scores if you took the ACT with Writing. This will either clear up confusion about your essays or verify that scoring went wrong and you scoring to order ACT Score Verification essay scoring. You shouldn't jump scoring to hand scoring if your score is only a essay lower than you expected it to be.

Say you get your scorings hand and [EXTENDANCHOR] did about scoring points worse than you expected on one or more act. Do you essay hand scoring? A discrepancy hand expectations and reality of four points or less is probably act significant enough to indicate an error in scoring.