DPWH Meets with MIWD/MIW for Ungka Overpass Construction

March 4, 2020—Management from the Metro Iloilo Water District and its JV company Metro Iloilo Water held a short meeting with management and technical personnel of the Department of Public Works and Highways, updating the water utility of the status of the DPWH construction of the Ungka II Flyover bridge and how it will impact the water distribution lines along the highway.

Factors to consider for both the water district and for DPWH is water pipe relocation in lieu of the construction of the flyover, and these will also include cutting, laying breaking, laying down, pipe interconnection and restoration works.

According to the DPWH, construction of the flyover has been proceeding at a good pace and is even slightly ahead of its targets for the set dates given during the meeting. Minimal disruption has been plotted out for utilities affected by the bridge construction, which, aside from the MIW lines also included several telecommunication underground lines.