Fire Hydrant Inspection for Fire Prevention Month

The Bureau of Fire, with assistance from the Metro Iloilo Water, conducted a fire-hydrant inspection last February 26, 2020 in preparation for the Fire Prevention Month in March 2020. At least all the fire hydrants within the city were inspected and determined if they were still fit for use during a fire emergency, with inspection of other fire hydrants outside the city to follow.

According to the inspection findings, while many of the hydrants were fit for use by the Bureau of Fire, some have been inactive for some time now. Several causes for disuse/inert fire hydrants were from illegal use by local citizens who tamper with the hydrants during wee hours when no one would catch them. Said hydrants were, in the past, also used by unscrupulous citizens for illegal water businesses which was the reason why the MIWD resorted to deactivating them in the past, as they were being opened and used even with the safeguards in place. This tampering and wanton use also contributed to low water pressure in the surrounding area, and is a cause for non-revenue water.