MIWD Gift Giving at Sta Rita Maasin

In the spirit of Yuletide giving, MIWD held a Christmas Gift Giving Activity at Barangay Sta. Rita, Maasin last December 18, 2019. Though MIWD has had many gift giving and outreach activities in the past, this was the first time it had gone to Sta Rita, Maasin. The event was participated by employees of the Metro Iloilo Water District and the Barangay Kagawads of Sta. Rita. Headed by Hon. Liberty O. Almeda, Punong Barangay, Brgy Sta Rita, Maasin. Ms Amaryllis Josephine Castro, OIC Office of the General Manager led the opening of the program while Hon. Francis A. Amboy, Municipality Mayor of Maasin took the time out from his busy schedule to honor the occasion with Words of Acknowledgement and took the time to mingle with his constituents in Sta Rita.

The MIWD staff distributed 200 large packs of groceries to the residents of Sta. Rita, specifically to families with the most need. Snacks were served in between educational games meant to educate the children on the importance of water sanitation and hygiene, with the children bringing home hygiene packs after the games. Afterwards, the residents of Sta. Rita also treated the MIWD staff with their brand of home-cooked tinola chicken broth as gratitude to their guests.