MIWD, MIB and MIW solid partners for Limpyo Iloilo

Friday the 23rd, 2020 at exactly 4pm: a loud blaring of horns can be heard all across the province of Iloilo as various Local Government Units and countless private agencies heed the call of the Governor of Iloilo, Arthur “Toto” Defensor Jr.to clean up their surroundings in a rare show of solidarity for sanitation and cleanliness: The Limpyo Iloilo has now kicked into high gear, and among those leading the charge in the city of Iloilo are Metro Iloilo Water District, Metro Iloilo Water and Metro Iloilo Bulk Water Supply Corporation (who had their own cleanup at Sta. Barbara, Iloilo).

The Limpyo Iloilo is a massive cleanup drive and a project of the Provincial Government of Iloilo and is a province wide event which is participated by all the LGUs of Iloilo as well as the various private agencies connected with the city and province of Iloilo. Every known environment-based agency in the province of Iloilo (which includes the PENRO, DENR and the various MENROS in each province of Iloilo), the various educational institutions, medical institutions, youth organizations, charities, commercial establishments, religious sectors, peacekeeping agencies, and utility providers.

As per governor Defensor, “Limpyo Iloilo aims to achieve a clean province for health, tourism and progress, and promote the culture and character of cleanliness, and spirit of volunteerism among Ilonggos,”. What distinguishes Limpyo Iloilo from other cleanup drive in the past is that the Governor wishes to instill a strong, sustainable habit among its partners to cleanup Iloilo, a habit of which will trickle down to the common tao, the youth and every single citizen within the province.

The Limpyo Iloilo is in line with the Provincial Ordinance No. 2018-184, Series of 2019 (“An ordinance requiring all local government units in coastal areas of the province of Iloilo to conduct a community-based coastal clean-up activity once a month”). It has been suggested that a cleanup be done every third Saturday of each month.